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Ellie said: Brilliant. I love these lesson plans. They are funny, informative and concise!

Greg said: I just wanted to tell you that your jokes are very interesting, and also the activities you prepared for them. Thanks a lot for sharing your work.

Dikri in India said: Thank you. It helps me a lot doing my teaching, especially to my ESL grade 11 and 12 classes.

Andrew in Thailand said: Great stuff! It helps me a lot in my classes.

Zar in Pakistan said: I love teaching through these jokes.

Nazeik in Saudi Arabia said: Thank you so much. Great site.

Jamal in Morocco said: Thank you very much for the excellent material. I am a teacher of English in a Moroccan secondary school and I really enjoyed all the exercises.

Anca said: Hi I'm an English teacher myself and I just wanted to tell you how helpful your material is (both entertaining and informative, everyone likes to start grammar with a joke). Congratulations! I'm looking forward to your future materials.

Ljiljana in Serbia said: Great job! I think that this is an excellent way to teach and learn English! Thank you for this site.

Jamal in the USA said: Great idea - and the jokes are actually funny! Will go down well with the kids I teach. Many thanks,

Helena said: Hi, I am training to be an English teacher and I am very happy to have found such interesting ideas about language teaching through humour.

Natacha in Spain said: Congratulations. This topic is something that I really enjoyed and my students too.

Myeong Hyun in China said: I'm much interested in your jokes. I think it is a very intelligent idea to learn English through jokes with grammar.

Amanda in the UK said: Great new jokes, thank you for all your hard work!

Joan in Spain said: I like your site very much, I find it very funny and my students too.
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