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A3. At a party

can for requests


Grammar: can / can't

To give permission, or to ask for permission use can + infinitive (without to). To refuse permission or to say something is against the rules use can't + infinitive (without to).
A: You can't sit there. B: Where can I sit?
A: Can I sit here?
B: Yes, you can.
A: Can I bring my dog in here? B: No, you can’t.
A: When can I leave? B: You can go now.

Put these questions in the correct order.

1. tomorrow   Can   me   you   call   ?
2. these   can   Where   books   I   put   ?
3. in  this   word   Can   look   up   dictionary    you   the  ?
4. your   me   tell   number   phone   Can   you   ?
5. address   give   Can   you  I   my   ?

Match the questions with the answers.

6. Can I help you? A. Yes, of course. There are plenty of seats.
7. Can I sit here? B. Yes. Just over there on the left.
8. Can you tell me where to go? C. Sure. Where do you usually put them?
9. Can we come in? D. Of course you can. Welcome!
10. Can you help me find my keys? E. No, it’s OK, thanks. I’m only looking.

Vocabulary exercises

Match the broken sentences.

1. I can give… A. up a number.
2. You can call… B. meet you.
3. I want to look… C. you the number of the office.
4. It’s lovely to… D. out the name of the restaurant?
5. Can you find… E. me tomorrow, if you like.

Choose the correct preposition to complete these sentences.

6. I need to look off / up / in Frank’s phone number in my address book.
7. Thanks for / of / at everything! It was a great party!
8. Is your number to / with / in the phone book?
9. It was lovely by / to / for meet you.
10. Can you call me off / from / back? I’m in a meeting.

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