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A4. The rabbit and the butcherCartoon of rabbit

some / any

One day a rabbit walked into the butcher's shop and asked the butcher, 'Do you have any carrots?'
    The butcher replied, 'No, I'm sorry, sir, but this is a butchers' shop. We don't sell vegetables in here.  Go to the greengrocer at the other end of the street. I'm sure he's got some carrots.'
   The rabbit thanked the butcher and left the shop.

The next day the rabbit went into the butcher's shop again.
    'Good morning! I'd like a lettuce and some carrots, please.'
    'Look, I'm sorry, sir! I told you yesterday - we don't sell any vegetables in here, only meat.'
    'OK, I see,' said the rabbit and left the shop.

On the third day, the rabbit walked into the shop again and said,
    'Hello, could you give me some carrots and a cabbage, please?'
This time the butcher was very angry.
    'I told you yesterday and the day before. We don't sell any vegetables in here. No carrots, no lettuce, no cabbage and no onions. Do you understand? The next time you come in here and ask for vegetables, I'm going to take a hammer and I'm going to nail your ears to the floor!'

The next day, the rabbit was in the butcher's shop again.
    'Good morning!' he said. 'Do have any nails?'
    'No,' said the butcher, 'I don't have any nails.'
    'Do you have a hammer?' asked the rabbit.
    'No, I don't,' the butcher replied.
    'Good,' said the rabbit, 'Then can I have some carrots, please?'

Grammar: some and any

In general, we usually use some in positive sentences and any in negative sentences and questions. (Note that there are other uses of these words.)

He has some carrots.
He doesn't have any carrots
Do you have any carrots?

With offers and requests with would like and can I have, we usually use some, not any.

Would you like some carrots?
Can I have some carrots?

Write some or any in the spaces.

1.    Can I have ________ of your cherries, please?
2.    We don't have ________ food in the house.
3.    I'd like ________ salad and ________ rice with my meat, please.
4.    I'm sorry, but there aren't ________ letters for you here.
5.    I didn't eat ________ fruit or vegetables yesterday.
6.    Could you give me ________ more rice, please?
7.    I bought ________ nails from the hardware shop.
8.    I don't want ________ of those sausages, thank you.
9.    I don't speak ________ Chinese, but I speak ________ Japanese.
10.  I know ________ good places to eat near here.

Vocabulary exercises

Which is the odd one out in these groups of words?

   2. sorry angry hungry sure very
   3. carrot cabbage lettuce hammer onion
   4. greengrocer bank butcher baker ironmonger

Match the broken sentences

   5.    I want to buy some meat...
A.   angry with that boy.
   6.    I'm going to hammer...
B.   some fruit and vegetables.
   7.    I think the teacher is getting... C.   tools, like nails and hammers, for example.
   8.    I thanked the man... D.   at the butcher's shop.
   9.    In the ironmongers they sell... E.   for his help.
   10.  I went to the greengrocers to buy... F.   this nail into the wall so I can put up a picture.


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