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A5. Lost bootsillustration

possessive adjectives and pronouns

Teacher:  What’s wrong?

Boy:  I can’t find my boots. 

Teacher:  What kind of boots are they?

Boy:  They’re long green ones.

Teacher:  There’s a pair of green boots right here. Are you sure these aren’t yours?

Boy:  No, those aren’t mine.  Mine had snow on them.

Grammar: possessive adjectives and pronouns

You use these possessive adjectives before a noun: my, your, his, her, its, our, their.
You use these possessive pronouns instead of a noun: mine, yours, his, hers, its, ours, theirs.

These words show who is the owner of things.

subject pronoun
possessive adjective
possessive pronoun
I have a book. It’s my book.  It's mine.
She has a phone. It’s her phone. It's hers.
He has a bag. It’s his bag. This bag is his.
We have a room. It’s our room. It’s ours.
You have a pen.  It’s your pen. It’s yours.
They have a house.  It’s their house. It’s theirs.

Match the questions with the answers.

   1.   Is that her car? A.   Yes, it’s ours.
   2.   Are those your boots? B.   Yes, it’s yours.
   3.   Is this my chair? C.   Yes, it’s hers.
   4.   Are these his cigarettes? D.   Yes, they’re hers.
   5.   Is this our classroom? E.   Yes, they’re his.
   6.   Are those her papers? F.   Yes, they’re ours.

Choose the correct word to complete these sentences.

7.   Whose bag is this?  It’s not my / mine.
8.   This is a photo of Maria with her / hers son, Carlo.
9.   She’s Italian and her / hers husband is British.
10. I can’t find my / mine cell phone.
11. Are these your / yours car keys?
12.  Who’s  / Whose are these books?
13. Is that car your / yours?
14. These aren't my / mine clothes.

Vocabulary exercises

Choose a word to make the opposite expression.

wrong             find             sure             short            here 

1.    I’ve no idea about the answer.
I’m ________ about the answer.
2.    I don’t want to lose the dog in here.
I don’t want to ________ the dog in here.
3.    The animal has very long legs.
The animal has very ________ legs.
4.    The classroom is over there.
The classroom is right ________.
5.    How many right answers do you have?
How many ________ answers do you have?

Choose the correct  word to complete these sentences.

boots             kind             teacher             snow             pair

6.   There is ________ on the mountains.
7.   I wear these ________ when it rains.
8.   I have a ________ of red boots.
9.   Tell me what ________ of books you like.
10. My English ________ is very nice.