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A6. In the bathroomillustration

present continuous

Alice, what are you doing in here [in the bathroom?

Alice:    I’m standing on a chair.

Mum:   But why are you standing on the chair?

Alice:    I’m looking into the mirror, mum.

Mum:   But you’ve got your eyes closed, Alice.Why are you doing that?

Alice:    I want to see what I look like when I’m sleeping.

Grammar: Present continuous

You use the present continuous to talk about things people are doing right now, at the moment of speaking.

The present continuous is formed from the verb to be + verb + -ing (gerund).This form is also sometimes called the present progressive.

I’m working. Are you sleeping? He’s watching TV.
Is she studying English? We’re staying for 2 days. What are they doing in there?

Complete these sentences with a verb in the present continuous form.

have            look            do            make            get            wait

1.   Come inside out of the rain. You__________ wet.
2.   Can I help you, madam or _____ you just _____?
3.   What _____ those children _____? They__________ a terrible noise.
4.   The students __________ for the lesson to begin.
5.   Sally__________ a shower at the moment.

Match the questions with the answers.

   6.   What’s he studying? A.   At home.
   7.   Why’s he studying? B.   Foreign languages.
   8.   Where’s he studying? C.   Yes, he is.
   9.   How’s he studying? D.   Because he needs English for work.
   10. Is he studying? E.   With online material and books.

Vocabulary exercises

Choose the correct word to complete these sentences.

mirror            bath            bathroom            chair            eyes

1.   She’s wearing sunglasses to keep the sun out of her ______.
2.   Jack’s standing on a ______ to get a book from the top shelf.
3.   Kathy’s having a shower in the ______.
4.   Lucy’s looking into the ______ to see what her hair looks like.
5.   Simon’s having a ______at the moment. Can I take a message?

Match the broken sentences.

   6.   The cat has got both… A.   the bathroom, waiting for her brother to come out.
   7.   Tom’s looking into… B.   to see what this jacket looks like.
   8.   Lucy’s standing outside… C.   its eyes closed but it’s not sleeping.
   9.   I don’t know what I look like… D.   the mirror and shaving.
   10. I want a mirror… E.   when I’m sleeping.

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