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A7. The King of the Jungle


cartoon joke

Grammar: superlative adjectives

In general, use the + adjective + est for shorter adjectives and the most + adjective for longer adjectives. We usually use the (the definite article) before a superlative.

This is the tallest building in the city.
August is usually the hottest month of the year.
I don’t want to buy the most expensive dictionary.

The adjectives good, bad, and far have irregular superlative forms.
It was the best meal I’ve had for a long time.
This joke is the worst I’ve ever heard.
Who can throw this ball the furthest?

Put these jumbled sentences into the correct order.

1. had   ever   This   best   the   holiday    is   I’ve   
2. the   class   most   student   the   intelligent   in   Who   is   ?
3. one   interesting  most   the  think   I   painting   this   is
4. way   fastest   What   is   to  the   station   the   ?
5. town  the   worst   It   in   was   hotel

Complete these sentences with the + superlative form.

   6. In the exam __________ thing to remember is to answer the question.  [important]
   7. Which photograph do you think is __________? [bad]
   8. I think my home town is __________ place in the world. [beautiful]
   9. What is __________ movie you’ve ever seen? [good]
   10. The elephant is large but it isn’t __________ animal I’ve ever seen. [big]

Vocabulary exercises

Match the words with the definitions.

   1. king A. an animal like a horse with black and white stripes
   2. jungle B. a large member of the cat family from African or India
   3. zebra C. a ruler or the most important person in a group
   4. rabbit D. a place with lots of trees and animals
   5. lion E. a small grass-eating animal with large ears

Choose the correct word to complete these sentences.

6. My teacher doesn’t ______ angry with us when we make mistakes.
A. do          B. make         C. get         D. have

7. I know it’s the ______ answer, for certain.
A. right         B. good         C. well         D. just

8. Do you ______ any questions you want to ask me?
A. get         B. do         C. make         D. have

9. I can’t ______ this question in the homework.
A. answer         B. tell         C. make         D. be

10. Can you ______ me the answer, please?
A. say         B. tell         C. make         D. do

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