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C10. A night at the moviesillustration

adjectives with -ed or -ing endings

A well dressed woman was queuing to buy a ticket for the cinema. When she got to the front of the queue the man behind in the box office was surprised to see that she had a small dog in her handbag.
   ‘I’m sorry, madam,’ he said, ‘ But I’m afraid pets are not permitted inside the cinema.’
   ‘Oh, but he’ll be very good,’ the woman promised. ‘He’s very well behaved. I promise he won’t make a sound.’
   Since there weren’t many customer in the cinema that day, the man decided to let her take her dog in with her. So he sold her a ticket and she went into the auditorium and took a seat. The man, curious to see how the dog behaved, went into the auditorium a couple of times during the film. He was pleased to see that it was just as the woman had promised. The little dog was sitting quietly on her lap, without moving or making any noise at all.
   At the end of the film, as she was leaving the cinema, the man said to her,
   ‘That’s amazing. You were quite right. Your dog was very well behaved in there. The dog just sat there as though he was actually interested in the film.’
   ‘Yes,’ replied the woman, ‘I thought that was surprising, too. He didn’t enjoy the book at all.’

Grammar: adjectives with –ed or –ing endings

There are lots of adjectives which end in –ed or –ing. Compare these pairs of sentences.

The film was very interesting.
I was very interested in the film.

It was surprising to see a dog in there.
I was surprised to see a dog in there.

My physics lessons was boring.
We were bored by our physics lessons.

Adjectives ending in –ing often describe a book, film, person  etc. They tell you about what kind of book, film or person it is, and how it makes you feel.
This photograph is amazing.

Adjectives ending in –ed often describe the emotion you feel about a book, film or person.
I am amazed by this photograph.

Choose the correct form to complete the sentences.

1.   It’s very surprised / surprising to see so many people here.
2.   Was your mother pleased / pleasing with her birthday present?
3.   We were very bored / boring during the lecture.
4.   When I saw the exam results, I was completely amazed / amazing.
5.   I thought the food in the restaurant was a bit disappointed / disappointing.
6.   I’ve had a long and tired / tiring day and all I want to do is go to bed.
7.   I’m not very interested / interesting in sport.
8.   After the long walk back to the hotel we were completely exhausted / exhausting.
9.   I thought that the movie was terrified / terrifying.
10. This cold wet weather is a bit depressed / depressing, I think.

Vocabulary exercises

Match the words with the definitions.

   1.   auditorium A.   a domestic animal kept as a companion
   2.   queue B.   the place  in a theatre or cinema where you can buy a ticket
   3.   lap C.   the part of a theatre or cinema where the audience sits
   4.   box office D.   the part of your body between the waist and the knees of someone sitting down
   5.   pet E.   a line of people waiting to pay or to get service

There are many two word adjectives in English which start with well. Choose a word from the list to complete these sentences.

known             dressed              done              behaved              spent

6.   This is what every well _______woman in town is wearing this season.
7.   Your children are very well _______ and they never push or shout.
8.   Max is well _______ in Hollywood.
9.   Although the book was quite expensive, it was money well _______.
10. Would you prefer your steak rare, medium or well _______?