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C8. The penguinillustration

Comparatives: not as... as...

One day at a roadside garage, a petrol pump attendant was filling a customer’s car, when he noticed that a small penguin was sitting in the back seat.  The petrol pump attendant asked the customer why he had a penguin in his car. The customer explained that he had found the penguin a few weeks before, wandering around in the street, looking miserable. He told the attendant that he had been trying to think of what to do with the penguin.
    The attendant thought for a moment and then told the man that there was a zoo nearby. He suggested that the customer take the penguin there. The man thanked the attendant, paid for his petrol and drove off in the direction of the zoo.
    A few days later, the same man pulled up to the petrol station. The attendant was surprised to see that the penguin was still in the back of the man’s car.
    ‘But I thought you were taking him to the zoo,’ said the attendant.
    ‘I did, thanks!’, answered the man. ‘He loved it, so I'm taking him to the beach today.

Grammar: reported speach and reported verbs

When you report what people have said, you can give their exact words or you can report what they said indirectly.

    Direct speech:  "Thank you!" said the customer.
    Indirect speech:  The customer thanked the assistant.

With indirect reported speech you need to change the tenses of the verbs.

Present simple changes to past simple

    Direct speech:  "I have a problem" said the customer to the assistant.
    Indirect speech:  The customer told the assistant that he had a problem.

Past simple changes to past perfect

    Direct speech:  "I took the penguin to the zoo yesterday."
    Indirect speech:  The customer said that he had taken the penguin to the zoo the day before.

What did the speakers in the joke say? Complete the missing words to rewrite the sentences using direct speech.

1.   The petrol pump attendant asked the customer why he had a penguin in his car.
       "Why _____________________________?" asked the petrol pump attendant.

2.   The customer explained that he had found the penguin a few weeks before.
       "I ____________________________________ before," said the customer.

3.   The attendant told the customer that there was a zoo nearby.
       "There__________________________ near here," said the attendant.

4.   The attendant suggested that the customer take the penguin there.
       " _____________________________________ there," said the attendant.

5.   The customer thanked the attendant.
       "__________________," said the customer.

Vocabulary exercises

Match the broken sentences.

1.    A small child was sitting in the back...
2.    We stopped at a roadside...
3.    The red sports car pulled up...
4.    We asked the petrol pump...
>5.    Tom got into his car and drove off...
A.    ...garage and bought something to drink.
B. top speed.
C.    ...attendant for directions.
D. the petrol station
E. of the car.

Choose the correct word to complete each sentence.

1.  There's something wrong with the car. We need to _____ at the side of the road.
A.  pull through             B.  pull up              C.  pull into

2.   Why are you wandering _____, looking so miserable?
A.  down             B.  through             C.  around

3.   Excuse me. Do you know if there's a bank _____?
A.  nearby             B.  nearing             C.  nearly

4.   Don't worry about it! I'm sure you'll _____ something to do.
A.  think over             B.  think of             C.  think for

5.  I was surprised _____ Richard at the party because I thought he hated that kind of thing.
A.  seeing             B.  see              C.  to see