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B15. The language teacherillustration

Comparatives: not as... as...

Martin was an English teacher in a language school. After working at his current school for six months,  he decided it was time to find a better job with a higher salary. In his final week at the school, he told Carla, one of his favourite one-to-one students.
    ‘I’m afraid that next term I won’t be teaching in this school any more, Carla. I’m moving to another city.’
    ‘I’m really sorry about that, Martin. I wish you weren’t going.’ Carla replied.
    ‘Well, thank you, Carla! It’s very kind of you to say so.’
    ‘The new teacher won’t be as good as you are. I’m sure the lessons wont be as good as yours.’ said the student.
    ‘That’s so nice of you!’ said Mark, flattered.
    ‘Yes,’ continued Carla, ‘I’ve been coming to this school for five years now and every new teacher has been worse than the one before.’

Grammar: not as + adjective + as ...

You can often make comparisons in more than one way.

A wood is smaller than a forest.
A wood isn't as large as a forest.

Pablo's pronunciation is better than Marco's.
Pablo's pronunciation isn't as bad as Marco's.

The weather is worse than it was last week.
The weather isn't as good as it was last week.

Do you think that monkeys are less intelligent than dolphins?
Do you think that monkey's aren't as intelligent as dolphins?

Rewrite these sentences using not as + adjective + as.

1.    This movie is worse than the first one.
2.    My essay was bad, but it was better than the one I wrote the week before.
3.    Although the city is quite big, it's smaller than the place where I was born.
4.    My computer is slower than yours.
5.    My new apartment is bigger than my old one.
6.    I don't go to that restaurant any more because it's more expensive than it was a few years ago.
7.    Carla's comment was less flattering than Mark thought.

Vocabulary exercises

Match the adjectives with the definitions.

1.  Feeling pleased because someone has said something nice to you
2.  Preferred above all the others
3.  Generous and friendly
4.  Belonging to the present time
5.  The last

A.  current             B.  flattered            C.  kind            D.  final            E.  favourite

Choose the grammatically correct sentence, A or B.

6.     A.  It's very kind of you to say so.
          B.  You're very kind of you to say so.

7.     A.  Tell me about your at the moment job.
          B.   Tell me about your current job.

8.     A.  It's time for finding another job.
          B.  It's time to find another job.

9.     A.  His previous job had a less salary.
          B.  His previous job had a lower salary.

10.  A. I'm sorry about the delay.
          B.  I'm afraid about the delay.