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B9. The wrong answerillustration

Present perfect simple

At a job interview the interviewer said to the potential employee,
   ‘So I see here on your CV that you’ve had twelve jobs in the last three years.’
   ‘Oh yes,’ replied the candidate, ‘That’s right. I’ve had a lot of experience working in this area.’
   ‘Well, yes, you’ve worked for a lot of different companies, but you’ve never stayed with any employer for longer than three months.’ continued the interviewer,   ‘To me, that gives the impression that you quit your jobs as soon as you get bored with them. Is this true?’
   ‘Oh no, that’s not how it is at all,’ answered the candidate, ‘I’ve never quit a job in my life.’

Grammar: present perfect for past experiences

Use the present perfect simple to talk about past experiences and achievements which are important and relevant to the present.

The present perfect simple is formed using have / has + past participle.

Choose the grammatically correct sentence.

1A. Has he given you his phone number?
1B. Has given he you his phone number?

2A. I hasn’t finished the book yet.
2B. I haven’t finished the book yet.

3A. I’ve never seen this movie before.
3B. I’ve never saw this movie before.

4A. Have you lose you notebook?
4B. Have you lost your notebook?

5A. I been to this city three times before.
5B. I’ve been to this city three times before.

6A. I’ve ever read anything so boring.
6B. I’ve never read anything so boring.

7A. Have you meet his cousin?
7B. Have you met his cousin?

8A. I’ve written a lot of emails.
8B. I’ve wrote a lot of emails.

Vocabulary exercises

Choose a verb from the box to complete these sentences.

get               work               have               give               quit

1.   Try to _______ the interviewer the impression you are serious about the job.
2.   Do you _______ a lot of experience working in this area?
3.   Have you ever _______ a job because you didn't enjoy it?
4.   In every job you sometimes _______ bored with some aspects of it.
5.   Would you like to _______ for a large multinational company?

Match the words with the definitions.

1.  interviewer
2.  employee
3.  candidate
4.  company
5.  a CV (curriculum vitae)
A.  someone who applies for a job or who takes an examination
B.  someone who asks questions to applicants for jobs
C.  a commercial business
D.  a short account of someone's education, qualifications and experience
E.  someone who works for another person or company for money