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D11. Out fishingillustration

won’t / wouldn’t for refusals

Jake was a keen fisherman and at the weekends he often took his boat out to the middle of the lake to relax and recover from the hustle and bustle of the working week. One day, Jake was sitting in his boat, enjoying the tranquility of the place. The sun was shining and he was listening to the gentle lapping of the water around his boat.  He noticed a woman walking along by the side of a lake.
   The woman stopped and called out, ‘Hey! You! Are you thinking out there?’
   Jake was a bit annoyed at this disturbance of the peace of the lake, but he answered politely, ‘Yes, I’m thinking. I always come out fishing to get a bit of peace and quiet.’
   The woman wouldn’t go away, as Jake hoped, but shook her head yelled again, ‘But you’re thinking!’
   Jake was getting sick and tired of the woman by this stage so he shouted back again at her, ‘Yes, I was thinking until you interrupted me! Now, clear off and leave me alone. You’re disturbing the fish.’
   He was surprised to see that the woman still wouldn’t walk away, but just stood on the lake side staring out at him. Since she wasn’t making any noise any more, he decided to just ignore her and carry on fishing. Suddenly, Jake noticed that the boat was filling up fast with water, and almost immediately the boat sank, forcing him to swim to the shore. He emerged from the lake, soaking wet from head to toe, freezing cold and completely miserable. The woman was standing next to him looking down at him.
   ‘I thaid that you were thinking,’ she said, ‘but you wouldn’t lithen.’

Grammar: won’t / wouldn’t for refusals

You can use won’t / wouldn’t to talk about refusals to do something.
I’ve asked my neighbours to talk more quietly but they won’t listen.
I shouted at the dog but it wouldn’t move.

This form can also be used to talk about instruments or machines which do not function properly.
I tried to open the door, but it wouldn’t move.
I keep clicking on my mouse but the window won’t open.

Match the broken sentences.

1.   I tried to get rid of the dirty stains on this shirt…
2.   I’ve repeatedly asked those children to play ball somewhere else…
3.   I’ve taken some pills for my headache…
4.   I pulled the handle hard…
5.   I told Henry I didn’t need any help…
A.   ...but they won’t take any notice.
B.   ...but the door wouldn’t open.
C.   ...but he wouldn’t take no for an answer.
D.   ...but they won’t come off.
E.   ...but it won’t go away.

Complete these sentences with won’t or wouldn’t + verb.

go away        believe        listen        let        sell

6.   I told Helen not to keep interrupting all the time but she _______  _______ to me.
7.   I’ve been shouting at that dog outside for half an hour but it _______  _______.
8.   I asked my boss for the day off but she _______  _______me.
9.   I wanted to buy Frank’s motorcycle from him but he _______  _______ it.
10. I told you that Sally and Joe were getting married but you _______  _______ me.

Vocabulary exercises

Choose the correct verb to complete these sentences. Change the form of the verb where necessary.

force         ignore         recover         carry         leave

1.   Just go away and _______ me alone.
2.   I hope your wife has _______ from that cold she had last week.
3.   Although it was starting to rain, we_______ on walking into town.
4.   I don’t want to _______ you to help me.
5.   I told you to get the car fixed but you _______ my advice. Don’t blame me!

In English there are some phrases where word pairs are always used in the same order. Choose the correct phrase to complete these sentences.

    6.   It will be nice to get away from town and get some quiet and peace / peace and quiet this weekend.
    7.   Why not book stay in a spa hotel for a bit of rest and relaxation / relaxation and rest?
    8.   It’s lovely to escape the bustle and hustle / hustle and bustle of the city for a few days.
    9.   It was raining so hard we were soaking wet from head to toe / toe to head.
    10. I’m sick and tired / tired and sick of the mess in this office. Why don’t you tidy up your papers?