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D3. A good impressionillustration

gerund clauses

Having just moved into his new office, a newly elected politician was sitting at his desk when someone knocked on the door. Wanting to let everyone know how important he was, the politician quickly picked up the phone, told the man to enter, then spoke into the receiver
    ‘Yes, Prime Minister, I'll be seeing the President this afternoon and I'll pass on your message. In the meantime, thank you for your good wishes. I'm looking forward to that game of golf with you next Sunday.’
    Having decided that he’d impressed the visitor with his friends in high places, the politician asked his visitor, ‘So how can I help you?’
    ‘Oh, it’s nothing important, sir,’ the man replied, ‘I'm just here to connect your telephone.’

Grammar: gerund clauses from joining ideas

You can join two related sentences together with a gerund clause.
There is usually a logical connection between the sentences, either to show that one thing happened as a result of another, or to show that one thing happened after another.

I had bought the car in the morning. I wanted to show it to my friends.
Having bought the car in the morning, I wanted to show it to my friends.

Michelle felt a little cold. She turned on the heating.
Feeling a little cold, Michelle turned on the heating.

The dog ate all the food. Then it went to sleep.
Having eaten all the food, the dog went back to sleep.

Join these sentences together using a gerund clause.

1.    I felt hungry. I went to buy some lunch.
2.    Karl had finished all his work. He turned off the computer.
3.    I've seen all your work. I'm very impressed.
4.    I know Sarah. I think she'll get the job.
5.    I've never been there. I don't know the place.
6.    Lucia felt exhausted. She went to bed early.
7.   The workmen completed the job. They packed away their tools.

Vocabulary exercises

Find one mistake in each sentence.

1.    Please welcome our newly-elect prime minister!
2.    I hear a knock by the door.
3.    He sits with his desk for eight hours a day.
4.    I picked the phone as soon as it started ringing.
5.    I'll see you next week. In the mean times, enjoy yourselves!
6.    The interviewer was impressed for my experience.
7.    Sarah has friends in a high place, you know.
8.    Don't forget to pass forward my message.